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An Effective Natural Therapy for AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)

The Natural Therapy for AIDS, CFS, & CFIDS integrates the research work of Matthias Rath and Ian Brighthope. It is designed for people with AIDS, CFS, or CFIDS and people who have been tested HIV-positive and are ill or have taken HIV drugs.

Much of this document may come as a shock to you. The popular notions about AIDS - and the belief system held by most doctors - that if you are HIV positive that you will necessarily get AIDS, that AIDS is a death sentence, and that you must take anti-viral and synthetic protease inhibition drugs to stop it, are not supported by medical evidence.


First, the so-called HIV test is multifactorial. The tests show positive results for many ordinary diseases, for past illness, and even pregnancy. Thus a positive HIV test is not necessarily an indication that you will get AIDS.

Second, as the first point would imply, AIDS progression is multifactorial - some of the ordinary diseases that do cause a positive HIV test are deadly, but they are not addressed by the HIV drugs.

Finally, the AIDS drugs - the anti-retrovirals (ARVs) such as AZT and Combivir and synthetic protease inhibitors such as Kaletra - are extremely toxic chemicals whose so-called "side effects" are eventually deadly: they actually cause AIDS progression. Like other toxic medications used in the past such as mercury, the AIDS drugs may appear to cause temporary remission of symptoms. But the anti-retroviral medications eventually cause bone marrow failure or complete destruction of the immune system, and the synthetic protease inhibitors cause defects in muscle and fat, preventing normal cellular repair and replacement, and eventually causing autoimmunity, muscle wasting and death.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now believed to be caused by - or at the very least highly correlated with - ordinary disease and immune dysfunction, as well as heavy metal toxicity and damage done by statin drugs. If you have an actual diagnosis of CFIDS, then the connection to immune dysfuntion has already been made by your diagnostician.

The regimen described here is a complete AIDS/CFS/CFIDS regimen that can be used as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. It has been shown to increase white blood cell count, enhance immunity to stop bacterial, fungal, and viral infection, detoxify heavy metals, and generally promote health.

(If you are not yet familiar with natural therapies, please click here for an easy-to-read introduction at the Natural Therapy website home page.)

How does this natural AIDS/CFIDS therapy work?

The symptoms of AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS – immune dysfunction, opportunistic infection, low white blood cell counts, and tissue destruction – are caused by ordinary diseases and accelerated by drugs, industrial toxins, and pharmaceutical immune system suppressants. All diseases spread and replicate by using an enzyme called protease, which destroys collagen.

In 1991, Dr. Matthias Rath found that the amino acid lysine, when combined with vitamin C, inhibit collagen destruction. In spring, 2002, he and his research team announced that they had discovered that adding the amino acid proline and an extract of green tea called EGCG had stopped protease destruction of collagen - connective tissue - even by cancer cells.

The AIDS/CFS/CFIDS regimen works in six ways to stop AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS and their symptoms:

  1. The core nutrients and antioxidants of the regimen together stop the destructive action of toxins, free radicals, and proteases - they act as a natural protease inhibitor. In other words, the toxins and protease molecules are neutralized by the regimen components into harmless chemicals that are then excreted. They act as "decoys" to prevent the toxins and proteases from attacking cells and destroying collagen in living tissue. Since they are ordinary, natural amino acids, they do not interfere with normal body chemistry. (Synthetic protease inhibitors such as Kaletra, Efaverenz and Crixivan interfere with normal protein synthesis, so that your body cannot repair and replace muscle tissue. Long term use causes muscle wasting and death.)

  2. The regimen builds and strengthens your immune system, by supplying the raw materials for building healthy white blood cells, which can identify, surround, and destroy viruses and unhealthy cells, and by supplying the immune system with the raw materials to build antibodies. This fortifies the body to inhibit spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses directly and strengthens the body against opportunistic infections.

  3. The therapy contains several potent natural antimicrobial nutrients. There are many studies showing the effectiveness of these natural antimicrobial nutrients, yet they are completely non-toxic in enormous quantities since they are common food and drink nutrients. (Synthetic anti-viral drugs such as AZT and Nevirapine interfere with normal cell division and function. Long term use causes AIDS progression, immune suppression, bone marrow failure, and death.)

  4. The core components of the regimen allow your body to rebuild and regenerate the connective tissue – collagen – that has been destroyed.

  5. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, the therapy provides sufficient nutrients to restore normal cellular metabolism. These nutrients are often deficient in AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS patients.

  6. The regimen increases peripheral circulation, including to neurons in the brain and elsewhere. This helps to reduce or prevent neuropathy, a common problem faced by AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS patients.

Are there documented studies of this therapy?

The studies thus far have been small pre-clinical studies done by Dr. Rath and his associates, and are ongoing. The results have been very positive.

Dr. Rath has been working in South Africa to promote his work and oppose the pharamaceutical industry's promotion of toxic drugs. His foundation website,, shows some of the results of his work there.

It is currently impossible for natural regimens to get evaluated in government-sponsored research studies; the FDA, CDC, and NIH are all beholden to pharmaceutical interests.

Is this AIDS/CFS/CFIDS therapy safe?

The AIDS/CFS/CFIDS therapy nutrients are ordinary food-derived nutrients. It has no side effects.

What about other medications and insulin?

If you are taking Lipitor or another statin drug to reduce cholesterol, you can stop taking it after starting this regimen, since it naturally reduces cholesterol levels. Statin drugs are a documented cause of chronic fatigue.

If you are taking other heart or blood-pressure remedies (e.g., beta blocker, calcium channel blocker), ask your doctor to carefully monitor the symptoms that these drugs are supposed to address, and taper off the dosage as your cardiovascular system becomes healthy again on its own.

If you are taking insulin, monitor your blood sugar carefully, as your need for insulin will probably be reduced significantly.

If you are being treated for any other illnesses or for opportunistic infections or pneumonia, you must avoid immune-suppressive drugs such as hydrocortisone and prednisone and fluoride-based immune suppressants such as fluocinolone.

Why don’t most doctors know about this therapy?

This therapy and other natural remedies for chronic illness are not known by most doctors because their primary source of information is the pharmaceutical industry, which has no incentive to publicize non-patentable, inexpensive, natural remedies or cures. Doctors are literally barraged each day with drug company reports, press releases, and free samples. Meanwhile, we are treated to advertisements for these expensive new pharmaceutical "remedies" on television and in virtually every newspaper and magazine in the United States, so that we know just which drugs to ask for from our doctors.

The conventional treatments for chronic illnesses do not generally cure or prevent these illnesses, but instead call for expensive maintenance drugs or toxic chemicals that destroy the immune system and inhibit healing.

These maintenance and/or toxic therapies represent hundreds of billions of dollars per year in drug company revenue. Thus cheap, non-patentable natural remedies and cures represent a major threat to these companies.

You can click here to download the Natural Therapy for AIDS, CFS & CFIDS health guide online.



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