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My Advice - Don't Drink Zeolite Liquid

The newest multi-level-marketing products called "Liquid Zeolite", the most prominent of which is Natural Cellular Defense (NCD), are being promoted on the Internet, and people are signing up in droves all over the world to sell them. It is claimed that NCD, for instance, will "kill epithelial cancer cells, 100% kill rate, detoxify heavy metals and all toxins easily, and [it] disables viral replication by capturing viral components within it's [sic] cage like structure." The company that sells NCD, Waiora, has stated in its publications that there is a study that supposedly demonstrates that the cancers of terminally-ill patients went into remission when they consumed zeolites. No such study ever happened. There is no documentation, and no peer reviewed articles were ever published anywhere.

Clinoptilite, the zeolite crystal from which these products are made, has a long history of use as a powder, similar to clay, for biological detoxification and as an additive to animal feed. (It is also used in industrial detoxification and filtering systems). It is normally insoluble in stomach and bile acids, so that it is eliminated in feces along with the toxins that it has adsorbed.

The manufacturers of Natural Cellular Defense and other zeolite liquids refer to this research on zeolite powder, claiming that their liquefied products are completely safe and are promoting them as something that people should take to prevent and treat disease. Rik Deitsch, one of the principals of the company that promotes NCD, has written much about his product, including a diatribe against me for my warnings about the product. But there are many unanswered questions.

These "Liquid Zeolite" products contain zeolite that is now in solution. Clinoptilite zeolite is an aluminum-based mineral that may also contain heavy metals (mercury, lead, and/or cadmium). This would not be a problem if the products were powdered zeolite, as mentioned above, because the zeolite is normally insoluble and any contaminants are kept trapped in the zeolite mineral structure. But once zeolite is liquefied, it means that these liquid products must contain soluble aluminum and possibly soluble heavy metals as well. These soluble minerals can enter the bloodstream, and they are toxic to the human body.

The manufacturers of NCD, for instance, do not specify where their mineral crystals come from or how they are processed, nor whether tests have been done to determine whether their product is lead, aluminum, and mercury free. The large body of research supporting zeolite's use as a detoxification agent do not make any reference to a liquified product.

In relation to any health product this is a red flag. It is precisely this crucial piece of information that raises unanswered questions about its safety:

·       What do the soluble minerals in NCD do inside the cell and inter-cellular spaces?

·       What reactions do they mediate or interfere with?

·       Do they stay inside the cell and become part of it?

·       Do they leave the cell and intercellular spaces? Are they excreted?

·       How do they react with each of the thousands of cellular bio-chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters, and essential fatty acids?

·       How do they get into the cell? Do they enter through a protein channel, or through the cell membrane?

·       What do they do to developing cells or tissue?

·       If they can enter cells from the bloodstream, then they can likely enter into the cerebrospinal fluid. If so, what do they do to the neural membrane or to developing brain cells?

·       Do they affect the operation of the cell organelles (components of the human cell), and, if so, how?

·       Do they enter into or affect the nuclear envelope (that is, does it affect DNA and RNA)?

·       Do they enter or affect the mitochondria, our energy subsystem?

·       Is the immune system aware of the presence of the minerals? Do they go into overdrive, eventually leading to allergy, MCS, or auto-immune disease?

These unanswered questions suggest that we simply do not know very much about this material, and there are warning signs that we should heed. Powdered zeolite products appear to be safe as intestinal detoxification agents, but there is no reason to believe this is true for NCD and the other zeolite liquids.

It is unfortunate that some of the foremost natural health activists, such as Mike Adams, have been apparently convinced of the safety and efficacy of liquified zeolite based on research papers on powdered zeolite.

There is a critical difference between these liquid mineral products and food-derived substances, such as dietary supplements. Humans have been eating food and food extracts for as long as we have been on the earth, hundreds of thousands of years.

Please take my advice: For chronic disease, stay with food-based natural therapies, such as those developed by well-known researchers and physicians such as Dr. Matthias Rath and Dr. Hugh Riordan. These have been used successfully by thousands of people and proven safe.

If you do decide to use a zeolite product for detoxification, get a powdered product, not a liquid.

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